North America’s 10 Most Authentic Ski Towns

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When I think of an “authentic ski town,” my memory is immediately flooded with images of Coors Light Pro Mogul Tour advertisements nailed to some bar’s moldy bathroom. Just beyond the urinals, the smell of mozzarella sticks and pizza fill the negative space between Lange’s girly posters from the 90’s that seductively read, “Soft inside…”

The point of it all? Authenticity is subjective but as you’ll soon realize, authentic ski towns are unified in their appreciation for mountain culture, history, and most importantly– skiing. So with that in mind…


Girdwood, AK

Tommy Moe doing heli things somewhere in the same state as Girdwood

The last frontier is not only home to heli-skiing, the tallest mountain in North America, and Tommy Moe but it’s also home to one of the best ski towns in North America– Girdwood, AK. This town is cool in a very weird but tried and works kinda way. The home resort is Alyeska, which lift serves awesome terrain. That said, the backcountry opportunities are what have the capacity to fulfill every ski bum’s wet dream (weather permitting).

Population – 1,975

Miles To Ski Hill(s) – 3

Local Watering Hole – Sitzmark

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