Ski Resorts in China

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If you are ready to start a winter trip to China, do not miss the chance to embrace snow. There is no shortage of wonderful ski resorts and well-equipped skiing fields throughout China and they will bring great delight to your winter vacations. Apart from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the lofty peaks above the snow line in north part of the country, Northeast China has the longest snow period, averagely about 150-200 days every year. According to the statistics of nationwide meteorological stations, the Heavenly Lake in Changbai Mountain, Mohe in the northernmost of Chinese territory, Urumqi, Daxing’anling Mountain, Harbin and northern Inner Mongolia have the longest snow cover period with rich snow tourism resources in nearby areas.

Here are the top snow resorts in the country for both sightseeing and snow sports for you to choose from.

Harbin & Yabuli

Attracting millions of visitors from home and abroad, the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival has become an annual winter feast, not only in the city of Harbin. At this time, exotic buildings and fanciful ice and snow sculptures of this charming city inspire a strong wave of passion which can melt the winter freeze. Fascinating ice lanterns, a snow sculpture exposition and various snow activities are amply provided for your comfort.

The natural beauty within a couple of hours’ drive from Harbin will also make visitors linger on. For example, Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest in Asia which once successfully staged the 3rd Asia Games and 24th World University Winter Games. Yabuli is where the country’s skiing tourism started. It is about 2.5 hours drive by coach from downtown Harbin. There are also direct trains to Yabuli from Beijing and Harbin.

Other recommendations around Harbin:
Erlongshan Ski Resort – Only 65 kilometers (about 40 miles) from downtown Harbin, it relies on convenient transportation and its natural landscape in the scenic area. It provides a shuttle bus between the resort and Harbin, with pick-up stops at some big hotels (such as the Harbin New World Hotel, the Harbin Singapore Hotel, etc). It is nice choice for beginners and intermediate learners.
Yueliangwan (Moon Bay) Ski Resort – Located in the city proper of Harbin, it is very close to Sun Island where the Snow Sculpture Exposition of Harbin Snow Festival is held. The Siberian Tiger Park is also close by.

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