Top 5 Most Popular Helicopters for Heli-Skiing

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Mil Mi-8

The extremely powerful, Russian built Mi-8 helicopter is often referred to as the “beast”in the heli skiing world. The Mi-8 is the most widely produced helicopter in service today and is used in more than 50 countries worldwide. The MI8 primarily in Russia where it transports up to 12 skiers and four guides per load plus two pilots and engineer.

  • Passengers: 2 pilots, 22 passengers – It’s a Party!
  • Fast Cruising speed: 125 knts
  • Max Speed: 135 knts
  • Max Range: 259 nm *Range can be extended 510 nm with additional fuel tanks.

Where used: Russia (Kamchatka,  Krasnaya Polyana), Pakistan, Tibet

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